Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#T5W: Top 5 Books of 2015

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Sorry that I haven't been around here much to post.  Just the usual holiday, family, work busyness.   So without anymore delay, here are my top 5 books that I read in 2015.  For a change, I had 7 or 8  5-star books, so deciding which to include in my top 5 was not easy.

Thunder on the Plain is by my favorite author, Rosanne Bittner.  She's been writing since the 80s and I started reading her books in the 90s.She's written over 60 novels and is still going strong.  Her novels are historical romance novels with usually western themes and with a lot of history written in to make it authentic and written in a way to be very engaging.  This book is about ther building of the transcontinental railroad.  Like most of her books. this story covers a span of time, in this case 12 years. Here's my Goodreads review:

Finding Hope by Stacy Finz was an ARC that I received through NetGalley and thi9s has become my newest favorite series.  This is the second book in the Nugget series, which centers on a small town in the Sierra Nevadas. Reading this book first, really did not affect my enjoyment of this book and seies; actually I found that I enjoyed this book more than the first book, Going Home.

Dogtology: Live, Bark, Believe by Jeff Lazarus was another I received through NetGalley.  If one is a dog lover or at least a former or current dog owner, you'd probably appreciate this book. It is so funny and even if you are not a fanatical dog lover/dog owner, you'll find bits of yourself as well as others you know in this book.  Just a very enjoyable and funny book about our love and sometimes obsession in our furry, canine friends.

Red Blood, Yellow Skin by Linda L.T. Baer This was the true story of a young This was more of an autobiography of the author's life, rather than a history of the war.Vietnamese  girl/woman who grew up and came of age before and during the Vietnam War.  This made the story more personal and allowed you to see the Vietnam War through the eyes of a civilian.

Bent Creek by Marlene Mitchell  I read this early in the year when I had a trial period to Amazon Prime and this was my monthly free book.  Although I do not remember a lot of specifics of thisbook, I do remember that I loved the story.  It was written in a way that was very different from other books that I read.  This book took place mostly in Appalachia and you felt immersed in the story

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