Monday, March 13, 2017

February Wrap Up

I can't believe it is almost mid-March and I haven't posted my February Wrap-Up.  But considering my son and I were sick at the beginning of the month for awhile, it's understandable

Behold the Dreamers

3 stars I enjoyed this one, but it wasn't out of this world or anything, but for a debut novel it was good and hopefully, she'll continue to write.  I reviewed this book here!

Sunrise Canyon

This was my first Janet Dailey book in a new series entitled New Americana. She originally wrote 50 books in her Americana series. Since the author passed away a few years ago, I do not know if there will be any more to this series. I enjoyed the book and although I give it 3 stars on Goodreads, I actually think it should be a 3 1/2 stars. It centered on Kyra, who lived on a horse ranch in Arizona, where she had a horse therapy program for troubled teens, mix in a troubled army veteran with PTSD, who was married to her late cousin and is the father of the niece she is raising. Also add several troubled teens, some gentle horses, and a dog, as well as Paige, the little 5 year old girl, who is wiser than her years and you have a winning story. What a shame that this prolific author passed away at only 69 years old.

Much thanks to the publisher, Zebra and to NetGalley for providing me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

El Deafo

4 stars. This is a middle grade graphic novel, but still can be enjoyed by others of all ages. This book is semi-autobiographical of the author's childhood. At 4 years old after a "normal: baby and toddlerhood, Cece came down with meningitis, which resulted in her deafness. For kindergarten, she went to a deaf school with other deaf and hard of hearing children, but her family moved that summer and she started first grade at a school where she was the only deaf/hard of hearing child. In order to hear her teachers, she wore a sort-of hearing aid called the Sonic Ear, in which she wore a box with wires to her ears that helped her in hearing the teacher, while the teacher wore a microphone-like device. This was the seventies and this technology was nowhere near as good as it is now. This is her story as best she remembers it during the elementary school years. I found this very interesting and enlightening and vaguely remember there was a student in one of the special education classes who wore a similar device, although he had additional disabilities. Since the author is about my age, there were also some cultural references made in this book that I could relate to. I recommend this book to both middle grade children through adults.
A Dog's Purpose (A Dog's Purpose, #1)

I loved this book!  I experienced every emotion while reading this book.  This will most likely be one of  my favorite books of the year and definitely is my favorite book of the month.  5 stars.

Stupid White Men & Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation

I listened to this book and very much enjoyed it.  Sadly, things don't change.  I usually don't read political books, but I\'ve enjoyed quite a few of Michael Moore's books and documentaries.  4 stars.

Coal River

I loved this book.  It did take me longer to read than usual, but that was not this book's fault.  Life got in the way as it often does and I also read this as a physical book, rather than as an e-book on my Kindle.  I really like reading historical novels, as it is a great way to learn things in an interesting way.  4.75 stars.

The Reluctant Midwife (Hope River #2)

I finished this early on March 1st and therefore will count this as being completed in February.  For all of the 1st half  and part of the 2nd, I wasn't very impressed about it,  the last third picked up, but overall I wasn't wowed by this at all.  When I wrote my Goodreads review a couple days after completing the listening of this book, I was already getting fuzzy about this book and things have not improved since then.  This is a shame since, this the second book in The Midwife of Hope River series and I had really enjoyed that book, but this one fell flat for most of the story.2.75 stars.

It seems like so long ago since I read these, but my favorite book in February was A Dog's Purpose.  I don't think I Mentioned it in the January Wrap-Up, but my favorite book during January was  The Wishing Spell in the Book of Stories series.


  1. February was a pretty successful reading month with several 4 and 5 star books.