Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Crowning Design by Leila Meacham

Yikes!  I made sure I read and finished this on time for the Launch Day Blitz that I signed up for and even prepared most of this post well ahead of time and here, I almost forgot to finish this post and post it. 

About the Author:

Leila Meacham is a writer and former teacher who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She is the author of the bestselling novels RosesSomerset, and Tumbleweeds. For more information, you can visit LeilaMeacham.com

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Crowning Design

Deborah Standridge has done everything her parents have ever asked of her with a smile on her face.  That's what southern belles do.  But when a renowned architect offers her a job at his firm across the country only days before her wedding, she faces a dilemma.  Should she become the dutiful wife of a man she doesn't love to please her parents or finally make her own dream come true?  Leaving her fiancée at the altar, she flies to Denver, setting in motion a tragedy that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

Now, as one of Denver's most successful architects, Deborah manages to avoid love at all costs...until Dan Parker walks into her firm-and her heart.  Magnetic and irresistible, Dan commissions her to design a building for him and gives her the courage to believe in love again.  But he has a secret that may be her undoing.  Will his love and the family they could create become her crowning design?  Or will he break her heart and cost her everything she's worked so hard to build?

In this incredible love story, Meacham once again delivers a heartfelt, incredibly developed plot with a cast of characters you won't want to let go of. Love, friendship, betrayal, tragedy and triumph are all here in this reprint of a classic romance that will appeal to old and new readers alike.

My Goodreads review:

Wow, I did not see that coming. Well, I did at first, but then I thought not. Most of the book while I was reading it, I wasn't that crazy about. I felt it was good, but not remarkably so. Well, the last 20% was so full of twists. The very last part really redeemed everything and I could see how the first part set the stage for the ending. I'll give this 4 stars, because of all the surprises at the end. 3.75 stars, if I could. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley.

My thoughts:

While I was reading the first 3/4 of Crowning Design, I felt the book was all right, but not remarkable as I had thought Roses was which I listened to at the beginning of December, but boy, once I started reading the last quarter or so, the book just took a life of its own.  The twists and turns it took!  Although the book is not anything like Roses, which is a saga covering about 100 years of a Texas family, Crowning Design ended up totally redeeming itself.

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